5 May 2016
GODS IN CRISIS at The Comic Convention 2016!

Thessaloniki Comic Convention 2016, 6-8 of May!
For those in Greece that will be at the wonderful The Comic Con2016, you can find my graphic novel "THEOI SE KRISI" (GODS IN CRISIS) In Greek, at "webcomics" booth. Also you can find my comics series "TEZA" at "Jemma Press" booth! More info about the event here:

13 April 2016
GODS IN CRISIS Comicdom-con signing

Saturday 16/04 and Sunday 17/04 I ll be at the "Comicdom-Con 2016" (Greek-American Union, Massalias 22, Athens) and I ll be signing my new graphic novel "THEOI SE KRISI (GODS IN CRISIS)" that has just been realeased in Greek, at the "Webcomics" booth. From 13:00 to 14:00 and from 17:00 to 18:00.

22 March 2016
GODS IN CRISIS in greek from webcomics

I am very glad to announce that my graphic novel «Nom de zeus» which was published in french by the editions M’edite, will be published in greek by the publisher «Webcomics» (webcomics.gr) in April 2016 at the comicdom-con fest in Athens! After that you can find it in the greek book and comics shops in Greece.