I was born in Patras, Greece, in 1981. He studied illustration and animation at the Westminster University in Harrow, UK. After living an adventurous life (lots of junk food and beer) I had my postgraduate diploma in multimedia at A.K.T.O. (associated with Middlesex University) in Athens. From then I have collaborated with Publishers in Greece and UK and still stay positive.

I am known to the Greek comics fans from my comics series “TEZA” published by Jemma Press, and from the weekly webcomics “Xartinos Kosmos” which I self-published IN 2012. I am also working as an animator, and I am known for the animated shorts:  “Fousekis animated” and the “Katsarides” (Roaches) animation based on my comics series “TEZA”.

I am the founder/art director of the award winning creative office “Animatic Vision”. I consider myself a visionary but I keep an eye out for a straightjacket just in case.


"TO NISI TIS TRELAS": Comics for kids over 8, by Michali Sideri publications (2018)

POT PURE: selfpublished Funny comics at a limited run of 120. A Comicdom-con2018 special. 

ANIMALIES (AGRIADES): A Slapstick comics, published by Enati Diastasi (2017)


GODS IN CRISIS: A humorous graphic novel with a political twist, about the greek economic crisis, from the point of the gods of Olympus. Currently published in greek, english and french language.(2015)

From the french publisher: M’edite (2015)

English version at Amazon (2015)

From the greek publisher: Webcomics (2016)


from the Turkish publisher: Gürer Yayınları (2017)

Greek version at Amazon (2015)

TEZA SERIES: A funny comics series that takes us through the life of a bunch of roaches who try to survive from the human that stays in the house.

  • Comic strips album “TEZA Exit’“ - Jemma Press [2013]
  • Comic strips album “TEZA love’“ - Jemma Press [2010]
  • Comic strips album “TEZA CRISIS”(comicdom con special 2010) - Jemma Press [2010]
  • Comic strips album ”Super Hero TEZA”- Εκδόσεις Jemma Press [2008]
  • Comic strips album  “Samurai TEZA” (comidom con special 2007) -  Jemma Press [2007]
  • Comic strips album “META TO TEZA“ – Jemma Press [2006]
  • Comic strips album “PRIN TO TEZA” – Jemma Press (1st & 2nd Edition) [2003, 2004]


  • Comics album +DVD “F.L.S Collector’s edition” (Collectors edition DVD featuring  the action film “F.L.S” by Thanos Tsavlis)  - Αnimatic Vision comics [2013]
    Official signing at COMICDOM CON 2013 .
  • Comic strips album “XARTINOS KOSMOS: collector’s edition” (A collection of the best comics strips from the webcomics  “XARTINOS KOSMOS ») - Αnimatic Vision comics [2012]
    Official signing at COMICDOM CON 2012.
  • Founder and publisher of the Greek Comics Anthology “Happy Revolver” (#01,02) [2008]
  • Founder and publisher of the freepress “Mosquito” and e-magazine “Mosquitoweb”. [2005 - 2007]
  • Founder and publisher of the first Multimedia arts cd-rom magazine e-sense’ (#1-5) [2004 - 2006]
  • Co-Founder of the first Rom-Zine ‘omikron negative’ (#01,02) [2003]


  • Oi Apaleftoi (3 episodes) co-produced by Noisebox studio: [2016]
  • Print To Teza animated (8 επεισόδια) comedylab.gr [2016]
  • Katsarides -Print To Teza (3 episodes) [2009]
  • Fousekis (Pizzaria, Ktel, Lathos) animated ]2008-2015]


  • Not Another Weekend  [2017-2018]
  • Meet Merv: Requiem for a pimp  [2011]
  • Santanic [2010)
  • Alien Creator 1-2  [2009]
  • Attack of the monsters 1-2 [2009)