In 2006 I decided to start a creative team named “animatic vision”. By winning the award of  “original business idea " in the contest of the Development Enterprise (N.E.A ) it gave me the courage to continue this creative journey that lasts more than 15 years now ...

I started by designing artwork for advertisements and  business cards. Alongside I began publishing the freepress magazine “Mosquito” (which after 4 issues, it went online) also at the same period I continued publishing the dvd magazine "E-SENSE". In 2008 I started my collaboration with the talented artist Akis Melachris known by his gag comics and spicy style in illustration. We created many commercials, websites, children's illustrations, animations, comics, cartoons and games on the internet. Animatic Vision also published the magazine “Happy Revolver”, and the comics "JUNGLY", "FLS" and " Xartinos Kosmos collector's edition". The team grew and many authors and artists participated in our vision, like N.Konstantopoulou, M.Toris, G.Komiotis , K.Foutsidis,  K.Vamvasaki, J.Panoutsopoulos, D.Kasdaglis and many others . In 2009, we took our first steps into designing flash games on the Internet with great success. The pc game "meet merv" was a great hit at «GAMES EXPO 2012» ( University of Patras ) which was presented for the first time.

In 2011 “animatic vision” expanded its business into selling comics. In collaboration with my friend and programmer Theodore Zikos (Acidmind) we created the first Comics shop in Patras, which had a short life-cycle due to the severe economic crisis that hit Greece and closed its business in 2013 leaving behind beautiful unforgettable moments.

The animatic vision team undertakes Projects around the field of animation, games and comics, in collaboration with companies operating in Greece and abroad. It also produces original material for the internet through its Youtube channel, but also through festivals around the world.