24 May 2021
Not Another Weekend on STEAM

After all these years of hard work, our game is finally finished! Its a point and click game, old school, like the games we played when we were young. I've created all the artwork, co-written the story and directed most of the scenes. Its been published by Dionous games and you can find it on Steam for pc,mac & linux! We hope you enjoy it! 


11 January 2021
Aggu the little wizard website

https://agguthelittlewizard.com/lyrics . A very nice collection of animated nursery songs that I was very happy to direct and animate. A big project of more than 28 animated songs created in one year (yep it was hard, special thanks to Mike Toris for helping me out). 

25 December 2020
Happy New... whatever

Happy new year. Lets hope we get it right this time. This year I'll be working on some new comics for kids and also my game "Not Another Weekend" will be out! Stay tuned!